Sleeping with dogs *HACK*

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night shaking and shivering? Pulling in all of your extremities and tucking them underneath the trunk of your body. You look around a little bit but you can’t see anything in the pitch black. You try not to move much as to no disrupt your partner. But your partner is a dog. You’re sleeping with dogs who steal the covers. So you’re freezing cold.

I have a bad habit of sleeping with the fan on no matter what the temperature is. I like to be able to sleep under covers and have circulating air. This becomes a huge problem when Sahara lays down right on top of the covers before I go to sleep or comes up in the bed in the middle of the night and steals the covers. Yeah, yeah, I know she can’t actually “steal” the covers. But if I can’t have them then she really did steal them. There’s an unwritten rule about a sleeping dog, you don’t wake them, even if they are sleeping on top of the covers.

Sleeping with dogs HACK

Keep an extra blanket on the bed!

When I get out of the bed I usually throw the comforter over to the side of the bed by the wall or at the end of the bed. THEN I keep an extra blanket at the other position. So if the comforter is at the end, the blanket is at the side and vice versa. My logic here is that if Sahara makes herself at home on the end of the bed then I get either a portion of the comforter or the extra blanket from the side of the bed. When she beats me to bed she likes to try to get to my spot in the bed which is up higher and closer to the wall so in that case I might get the full comforter or the blanket from the end of the bed.

In short, always keep an extra blanket on the bed when you’re sleeping with dogs. You’ll never know when your dog is just going to plop down right on top of all the covers and leave you all exposed and cold.

18 thoughts on “Sleeping with dogs *HACK*

  1. This was informative to me because I’ve never had a pet dog and definitely knew nothing of sleeping with a dog. I never thought about what needs to be considered while sleeping with a dog. Now I know.

  2. I never thought of that! I don’t have have dogs but cats and I think leaving a separate blanket out for cats would actually help to keep them in one spot and help stop them from rooting you out of the bed. lol I’ve noticed that any time you lay out a separate piece of fabric somewhere (including a shirt on the bed) they they will choose it to lay on it every single time! lol

  3. well first I want to say what a beautiful dog you have:) I don’t have a dog but I would love on in future and if and when I do I will definitely keep this in mind! thanks x

  4. I will definitely be remembering these suggestions. Just last night my dog Oreo got on the bed and took all my comforter and so I didn’t have one for me last night. I hope this helps when Oreo wants up on my bed.

  5. Sahara is breath-takingly beautiful! And yes, there is definitely an unwritten rule about not waking pets. Not even if you really need to sleep. Not if you have to wake up to pee. You can never wake them. It’s rude and careless and cruel. I am owned by a cat, so (even though she is much smaller than your beauty) when she is sleeping on the middle of the bed, I have to think of alternative ways to get under the cover. This hack is invaluable, thank you!

  6. When we first started out as a dog owner we allowed them to sleep in bed with us. That changed after I had surgery and now they have their own beds. i have to say I prefer that more personally.

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