Sahara’s First Night Home

So I adopted this gal Sahara and brought her back to my apartment.

Sahara's First Night Home

Now the fun begins right?


A few hours after I adopted Sahara I had to go to work. We only had a little bit of time to acquaint ourselves before then, which means it wasn’t quite time for us to have fun yet.

I put her in my bathroom, as I didn’t have a crate yet, and picked up the rugs on the floor, told her good bye and that I would be back soon. With that I closed the bathroom door and the bedroom and was ready to leave for work.

Until I realized…

I didn’t know if I should leave the light on for her or not.

Frantically, I texted my friend and asked what to do. Apparently dogs can see in the dark, she didn’t need me to leave the light on. Now I was ready to go to work.

It was a short evening shift so it went by fast and I was so anxious to get back home and play with my new pup.

First stop Walmart to pick up some food and some toys, second stop puppy city!

I didn’t even know that tackling Walmart would be a task all on its own. There are 50+ different kinds of foods to choose from and I didn’t know what to look for. Somehow I managed to decide on a bag of food, a big box of Milkbone treats, and a few toys.

To my surprise, I open the apartment door to find Sahara running around the apartment with the entire contents of my bathroom trashcan in every crevice of the apartment. I also chose the wrong week to be on my period, good thing my roommates wouldn’t be home for a few days. You were probably expecting surprise in the form of a nice big poop or a pee accident, I would have settled for that over this!

How she managed to open two doors beats me! This is actually pretty impressive. When I left both doors were closed. One opens out, the other opens in, and both had knobs not handles. You have to admire the dedication that took!

Sahara's First Night Home

I cleaned up the mess, took her potty, fed her and gave her water.

Now it’s time to play!!!

I showed her the new toys I got her. I watched her rip apart tennis balls one by one by one, welp there goes that pack of balls.

First Night Home

After a little bit of play time, I let her up in bed for some cuddles. Then we decided to call it a night.

I told her good night and that I loved her. I hoped we could have a better day tomorrow. It hurt me to say, “I love you.” How was I supposed to love somebody I didn’t know and somebody that just destroyed the apartment with trash? I said it anyway because I knew it was something I was supposed to say and it was something she needed to hear whether she felt it or not either, maybe one day I could say it and it be true.

*Spoiler Alert* it was true in just a few days.



How’d your first night go?

11 thoughts on “Sahara’s First Night Home

    1. I’m sure Lincoln loves that you leave the light on for him ❤️ I don’t leave the light on for Sahara but I do leave the fan on, that’s true love too because we usually turn out all the fans in the house before leaving????

  1. I loved it. It shows the bond you two share. And it’s really amazing to watch. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  2. Furry babies win over our hearts very fast. They are just so adorable! I am happy to hear that you found Sahara and that you too are happy together.

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