Potty Training Methods for dogs- Puppy Pad Potty Training Fail

You’re either here because you’re bored, are eager to read everything I write, or you’re potty training your new dog and want to hear a story of how for one new doggie parent, potty training went all wrong. Either way you won’t be disappointed!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again potty training is not easy. It’s even harder when you have to potty train a dog and their parent at the same time. I’m not going to claim to know everything there is to know about potty training but I do have a dog that is potty trained so I’ll let you do the math on that one. Although the shelter told me she was “potty trained” when I got her, that part of her training must have slipped her mind once she got home and she started having accidents. So I did have to re-potty train her and maybe she had to train me a little bit as well.

So back to the story you all are dying to hear.

A new doggie parent brought home doggie who like any other 8 week old puppy came home and peed all over everything. New Puppy Parent (we’ll call them NPP) decided they were going to go with the puppy pad method of training. They went to the store got some pads, laid one out on the bedroom floor, and let it sit there.

NPP decided to take the pup out for a walk before leaving for class, yay for walkies!

Hours later…

NPP’s roommate (me) came home hours later to find a foul smell coming from inside the apartment. The first and most obvious assumption is that Sahara pooped in the living room where she resides during the day. It’s been months since she’s had an accident and it didn’t even smell like her poop, yet I assumed she was the culprit. So I checked the entire living room, dining area, kitchen, and my bedroom and bathroom and could not find the poop.

I can’t find the poop but decide that it’s time to take Sahara out before she decides to relieve herself inside again. Outside she poops and pees. I’m already frustrated because she pooped in the apartment and I can’t find it, but now she still has more poop to poop outside and it looks and smells normal, I’m so confused. We go back inside so I can look around again…

Inside, I’m simultaneously trying to hold my breath and trying to sniff around to see where this poo is. I, for the life of me, can’t find it. I did notice it got stronger closer to the living room wall so I’m looking in and around the tv stand and cursing Sahara in my head for doing a darn good job hiding it this time.

And then it hits me…

I never checked the other bedroom where the puppy was and what do you know the biggest smelliest pile of puppy poo is sitting right there. It’s not even fresh poop either! That was the killer to me. Upon closer inspection, I realized this poop has some dirt and grass on it. It was brought in from outside!! It wasn’t even done inside!

NPP brought the poo in this morning after she took him out for a walk. You read that right, NPP BROUGHT THE POO IN FROM OUTSIDE!! I pick up the phone and call NPP.  I said something along the lines of “Hey, did you bring bag up the poop from outside and bring it in?” Their reply? “Well yeah, I wanted him to know where to poop at.”

We’ve covered the part about this puppy pooping outside. Correct me if I’m wrong but dogs are supposed to poop outside, right? HE ALREADY KNEW WHERE TO POOP! NPP was backtracking on the potty training because they wanted to use the puppy pads. This was such a vital mistake to his potty training. Not only was this a hinderance to his training, after the air conditioner kicked on and picked up this smell it was promptly distributed and stunk up the entire apartment!

Learn from NPP’s mistake and don’t bring the poo in from outside. Save your roomies nostrils, they’ll love you for never having to know what that torture is like.

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Have any embarrassing potty training stories to tell? Leave me a comment so I can laugh at your pain, after all you probably laughed at mine, that sh!t stinks!!

33 thoughts on “Potty Training Methods for dogs- Puppy Pad Potty Training Fail

  1. And that’s why I do NOT like puppy pads or piddle pads are whatever they’re calling them these days. It’s so much easier to train them if they aren’t confused by conflicting signals about where to poop.

    1. There’s so many names for them, I can’t keep up. It was like “Oh you’re going to poop out here? That’s not where I want you to poop, yet!” I will never forget that day and the subsequent hours of smelling poo in the apartment!

  2. It only took us about 6 months to recognise our rescue girl’s signal telling us she wanted to go out, we thought she wanted to play, she did and then she’d pee! Really, she didn’t want to play, she wanted to go out to pee… suffice to say, I got through a lot of kitchen roll! doh!

  3. This is totally a struggle for many owners! It was for my husband and I when we got our dogs! It’s like having a newborn baby! lol

  4. We depend on indoor potty solutions for multiple reasons. 1 – we live on the 9th floor 2 – it goes down to -40 for 3-4 weeks every winter and going outside would kill most tiny dogs and 3 – we travel including long flights. We have had zero trouble. We turned to something better than “pads”. We use the Pup Head. It’s more like astro turf. Emulates grass. So now although he PREFERS to go outside he can and does go inside when needed. Also … he no longer has to keep it in if I am late. And there was that time he was sick …. it saved our … well … asses.

  5. LOL. Great story! I’ve never used puppy pads and have only had one puppy. We were lucky enough to fast track him out the door to potty. I gagged at the thought of the aged poop in the other room.

  6. Mr. N was housebroken when we adopted him so we really haven’t had any issues unless he’s sick or something. I feel like I should post about it because it’s a common little dog issue but I don’t have that much experience training it!

  7. wow, that was really backwards thinking! I say no to puppy pads, so much easier just to train the puppy to go outside. Lots of trips outside, they eventually get it. It just takes a lot of patience 🙂

  8. I am going through this now. I have two little Yorkies. Hopefully they will get the gist of puppy pads and outdoor pooping!

  9. I didn’t even know puppies ended to be potty trained, silly me. I’ve been thinking about getting one and it’s a good thing I read this.

  10. Omg how cute! Potty training sounds like fun haha. When I was thinking about getting a dog I read so much about potty training. So once I’ll have a little puppy I can get right to it 🙂

  11. To be honest, i would have never thought of bringing the poop inside! first it smells bad and second, poor doggy! i never had to train a dog but i had to train kittens and believe, it is hard too!

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