Pit Bull Awareness

The month of October is dedicated to Pit Bull awareness. Most everybody knows what a Pit Bull is and many of those people are under the impression that Pits are ferocious, that they bite, that people use them in dog fights, etc. Others, seemingly fewer people are trying to spread the word and make others aware of the misguided stigma placed on Pit Bulls. One thing is for sure there are some dogs that when you look at them you just know they have some Pit in them.

There’s no denying that Sahara has a bit of some Pit in her. After her adoption, I didn’t want to admit that that was the case and it helped that the shelter put on all her paperwork that she was a Black Mouth Cur mix. Because of breed restrictions and the stigma attached to Pit Bulls and owning them,  I still get a little weary when people ask what she is. I didn’t want people to think she was mean or aggressive or just plain bad. My solution to that was saying that she was a Black Mouth Cur, which trip people up because they’ve don’t know what that breed is so it distracts them.

People are usually dead set in their ways and the way they perceive things, so saying that she’s a pit mix made me feel like people are going to react in an unfavorable manner, so for so long I just didn’t throw Pit into the “mix”.

Why should I have to feel this way? Why do so many people jump on the bandwagon that all Pit Bulls are inherently bad? What did my Pit mix did to anybody to not be allowed wherever legislation says this specific breed isn’t allowed.

Tell me. Tell me that my dog has bit you. It would be a lie. Tell me that she scares you. She might but you’d have to be invading her space or my space for her to feel threatened. She doesn’t bark when out in public (unless she sees another dog that’s a whole other story, we’re working on it, I think she just really wants to play). This isn’t just about Sahara it’s about all the other Pits, Pit mixes, and other “aggressive” breed dogs out there who have never done anything wrong yet are still getting punished by breed specific legislation and by people who are uninformed about the true statistics of these dogs and their aggressiveness.

Are you thinking how unfair this is and how you can help? Here’s how:

  • Adopt a Pit or Pit Mix
  • Foster a Pit or Pit Mix
  • Sponsor the adoption of a Pit Bull or Pit Bull Mix at your local rescue or shelter
  • Donate to a Pit Bull rescue (if you need help finding one, let me know I’d be glad to help)
  • Volunteer your time at a rescue or shelter.
    • I’ve personally volunteered at a shelter, even if it doesn’t seem like a lot is one thing you can do that makes a big impact! Most shelters don’t have many people that work there and are at capacity so there’s so much work to do and not much help to do it. Depending on the rescue you might help with walking the dogs, cleaning the kennels, cleaning the dog bowls (think about it if there are 20 dogs who eat twice a day that’s 40 bowls needing cleaned, that’s not even including the water bowls that will need cleaned too), giving the dogs clean water, etc.
  • Educate others
    • It’s free!
    • Tell other people about that Pit you have or that Pit you know that is the sweetest, most loving, and gentle little being they can imagine. Give them pictures of your Pit fur baby loving on your human baby. Show them videos of your Pit listening to your commands and playing with other dogs.
  • Sign a petition ending BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)
    • BSL ranges from cities banning the ownership of certain breed dogs, breed restrictions for rental properties, mandatory spay or neutering of specific breeds to attempt to eliminate them from the population, the laws differ from city to city, and even country to country.
  • Train your dog
    • Pit or any other breed- they need proper training so you don’t run the risk of them hurting yourself or others

Just in case you need some tips on what not to do, this one’s for you:

  • Let kids run up to dogs or touch them without approval from the owner
    • Instead teach children and even other adults that it is not acceptable to approach another dog without asking if it’s okay first, and if they say it’s okay don’t move too fast, offer the backside of your hand to them and let them decide to come closer to you after you give them your hand to smell
  • Judge or bash other breeds while trying to defend your own breed
    • Just no.
    • This doesn’t solve the problem it just puts the problem somewhere else.
    • It doesn’t make you any better trying to advocate for one by being hateful toward another
  • Blame the dog
    • For bad breeding in the past
    • For the lack of training on the part of the owners (if the owners are trying to train their dog give them a chance to do so)
    • Also don’t over generalize and blame every dog of one breed for something only a few dogs do.
  • Teach the dog aggressive behaviors
    • Don’t encourage your dog to bite, if they need something to chew on give them a toy
    • If they are biting, nipping, or nibbling on something they aren’t supposed to even if you didn’t tell them to, by not redirecting that behavior, you’re still encouraging them to do it.

*This is not a comprehensive list, take that as a reminder to be smart and make safe decisions*

To celebrate Pit Bull awareness month here’s some pictures my ferocious, savage, aggressive, dangerous, little Pit mix

Pit Bull Awareness Month- goofy sahara


Pit Bull Awareness Month- cuddle sesh

Pit Bull Awareness Month- Sleeping Sahara

Pit Bull Awareness Month- Sahara and Karlee

Pit Bull Awareness Month- Sleeping Sahara after day at the beach

Pit Bull Awareness Month- Sahara tongue sticking out

Pit Bull Awareness Month- Sahara

Pit Bull Awareness Month- Sun shining Sahara

Pit Bull Awareness Month- Sahara and Karlee: Looks of Love

51 thoughts on “Pit Bull Awareness

    1. YES! Thank you! I get super scared when people run up to us, anything can happen better to take it slow and always ask first!

  1. Thank you for sharing this! People are often incredibly misinformed about Pits’ behavior. All of the Pits I’ve known have been sweet, gentle animals.

    1. Spread the word! Pits are not the end of the world ???? It’s an untrue generalization that leads to euthanization and many other unfortunate fates, it makes me so sad!

  2. Best post I have read ALL day. I love Pit Bulls and I hate the stigma that is attached to them. Thank you for spreading the word.

    1. Thank you! It is heart-wrenching to see the way some people treat different dogs from what they’ve heard in the past or how they look and stuff like that. I hope that you are able to help spread the message!

  3. thanks and what an interesting read.we have been thinking whether to adopt or not a pet. not sure as of now. this is really helpful.

  4. What an adorable Pup, I agree with you on the people’s perception on pits, they do not know the details and still make judgement. Love the pictures and your tips.

  5. I’m so glad I found your website! I am an advocate for Chihuahuas! Chihuahuas are the second most euthanized dog breed, second only to pit bulls! Both of these breeds need someone to stand up for them and educate people! My post on the subject is in the BlogPaws news and post group. Great Post!

  6. What always shocks me is when people “who should know better” still judge pits. I have done lots work in shelters and every once in awhile I still hear pits being stereotyped – in a shelter. It’s so frustrating!

    1. Oh my gosh that would be so frustrating to me!! How are they going to be able to advocate for the Pits if they are the ones putting them down verbally (and physically)?! That really hurts me to hear that and I wasn’t even there, I don’t know how you dealt with that!!

  7. Such a great post! Pit bulls can be so sweet! I volunteer at the animal shelter quite often as well. There are so many pit bulls there. I agree that we need to raise awareness and end the stigma so more people will adopt! 🙂

  8. Awww! What a sweet baby you have! I hate how people stereotype everything nowadays! Dogs and any animal in general (including humans) become aggressive and violent according to the way their raised. It’s so stupid how people don’t get that!

  9. I always try to advocate for Pit bulls. When choosing a home owner’s policy I ruled companies that charge higher rates (or refuse to insure) people with Pit bulls or other so called aggressive breeds. My dogs are not pitties, but I think that type of discrimination is just wrong. The Pit bull mixes in my neighborhood are all very well behaved!

  10. I agree! I get a bit wary when people ask what kind of dog I have, too. She was a rescue, and we figured some sort of pit mix. We got her DNA tested a couple years ago, and found out that she’s full AmStaffie. That throws people off, if she isn’t around for them to look at her boxy head. Often, when people find out we have a full pitbull that hangs out with our 2 year old daughter, you should see the comments we get. But, other people high five us on the sidewalk, and it’s those moments we live for. She’s very high energy and her tail is a whip that stings the back of the knees, but otherwise, she’s a total sweetheart. I love finding other bloggers who brag about their bullys. Thanks for bringing awareness!

  11. I’ve never owned a dog however I totally see your point. It’s very true the stigma placed on Pit Bulls. I remember long ago when I worked at an insurance company and they company did not insure owners who had Pit Bulls or Rottweilers. I remember thinking, “well what are they going to do?” You pointed out great tips for not antagonizing a dog too. I must admit one of my favorite shows I enjoy is Pit Bulls & Parolees on Animal Planet. What I like about the show is that not only are convicts given a chance, but the show dispels the stigma that Pit Bulls are dangerous. They really are so lovable and strong. Great post.

    1. Wow, I didn’t even know that some people couldn’t get insurance on them, that’s so unfair! Oh my gosh, I have an obsession with Pit Bulls and Parolees!! I’ve teared up at every episode because there’s so much that I love about Tia and what she does with them and the parolees and how these “tough” guys all come to terms with their sweet side!

  12. Pit bulls are the most euthanized and misunderstood breed! thank you for making a positive case for them. We are thinking of fostering one in future.

    1. Aw that’s so awesome you’re thinking about fostering! It’s on my bucket list to foster dogs on death row so they can have more time to find their forever homes!!

  13. I remember when there was this stigma about other breeds such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers. I respect different breeds and am cautious when approaching any dog. Even my sister’s Australian Shepherd, who is wonderful with me, has bitten people. One never knows.

    1. Those three words! “One never knows” I live by those words with dogs and many animals! You can’t know anything for sure. You can’t know how they will react to kids, to people in hats, to other animals, to gold carts, you can just never know. The best thing to do is like you said always be cautious!

  14. Your dog is beautiful! Thank you for not only sharing ways to help, but ways to Not help..things not to do! SO important! People think they are helping when discussing the negatives of other breeds but they are not. We personally work with a Pit Rescue and we always say “Because someone should be fighting for them” For them, not against them, and not against others.

    1. Thank you so much! I think its too easy to forget or dismiss the things we shouldn’t do that we forget that we shouldn’t do them!! I love that motto! It incorporates all the important aspects of being an advocate!!

  15. It does make it harder to adopt a Pit due to breed legislation. Unfortunately, one that had always been super friendly attacked out local vet and did a number on his face…and it is this type of incident that gives people pause when they see a pit. Thanks for showing us the sweet side of your dog 😉

    1. That is so scary! It could have been any dog though, would it have caused as much of an uprise if it was any other dog that doesn’t have BSL? I am always very careful with Sahara around anybody and think other people should take more precaution too, you never know how they might react in different stressful situations. Thank you so much!!

  16. I think Sahara is beautiful! It is weird to me that people have picked out pit bulls as being “scary” dogs. They have never scared me. The pits that I have known have all been nice dogs (even a bit lazy). Humans really have a thing for labeling things.

    1. Aww thank you so much!! Isn’t it confusing the ones that are “scary”? I saw some Rottweilers at Rural King a few weeks ago that were just so sweet and had kids running up to them to love and hug all over them and even laid down to get belly rubs. Those are dogs that are banned in some areas but that just goes to show people it’s how they are trained that makes the difference! I think the lazy part needs to be written as one of their personality traits, it’s all too true!!

  17. I’m in Ontario (Canada) where BSL is a HUGE issue. Since 2005 the legislation bans pit bulls in Ontario, and restrictions have been placed on existing pit bulls that were ‘grandfathered’ and able to stay. Advocates (including myself) are fighting for change.

    1. Please keep on fighting!! This is so cruel and unfair! I bet there’s so much fewer Pit Bulls in Ontario now after over 10 years, there’s probably not many left are there?

  18. Great post! Sahara does look like a pit mix to me (but probably because I’ve never seen a Cur in person????). Your tips and advice were great. I think pits and pit mixes have been, in many cases, unfairly labeled as mean or aggressive. It is my opinion about these dogs as well as any other breed, that they aren’t for everyone. I don’t necessarily agree that people should adopt one because of this unfair situation. It is better to recognize the traits of the breed and the dog and decide whether it’s the right choice for you and your family. Everyone, however, can stand up against breed specific legislation. A no brained in my book. Good for you for shar8ng such important information!

    1. I think the brown curs are easier to distinguish there’s a black mouth cur and a mountain cur and to be they look the same to me so I can’t tell the difference. I agree that you should meet the dog and see it’s traits to see if they would work well for your family, every dog is different even if they are from the same breed they will all act differently in different situations! Thank you for helping fight BSL!

  19. Great post! I love that the shelter you adopted Sahara from didn’t put “Pit Bull Mix” on the kennel card. Sadly, those words just frighted people. I hate what has been done to this breed, I know so many loving Pits and I met many of them at the shelter I volunteered at. The only thing anyone should be fighting is the cruel act of dog fighting and Breed Specific Legislation that bans any breed of dog from anything. Thanks for writing this!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Thank you so much for your words of support, I’m glad we’re on the same side of fighting these bans!

  20. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Education is key, educating people that it’s not the breeds fault for what humans do to them and the stigma we associate with them.

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