Ultimate Gift Guide- Dog Gifts They’ll Love To Bark About

Whether it is your pup’s first Christmas or you’ve celebrated before, I’ve got you covered. Are you your shopping for a friend’s dog? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered too! Don’t celebrate Christmas? That’s okay these dog gifts are perfect for giving any time! Shopping for dog gifts can get to be a little tricky and you might not know what to get. Here’s a list of some items to get your shopping started!

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For the Hungry Dog

  • Chews and bones are a great way to occupy dogs and are a nice treat. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and proteins. Peacebone has a great selection, plus you can save 20% on your first order when you use Peace20 at checkout.
  • Himalayan Chews are one of Sahara’s personal favorite chews, I’m sure they’ll be some of these in her stocking this year!

  • Pig ears are very tasty to Sahara but they are gone in maybe 10 minutes, so they are good for a quickish snack but not for long lasting occupation.

  • Deer and  Elk Antlers last for a very long time even with constant chewing, I’m talking months here!

For the Playful Dog

  • Brain games are interactive toys that you put small training treats in to help stimulate their brains and work on their nose work.

  • The Kong Wobbler is a fun way to feed your pup. If they eat too fast it’s a good way to get them to slow down and work for their food.

  • Kong Extremes are my all time favorite toys and I will buy them over and over and over again without questioning it. We currently have four of them and cycle through them, between her mouth, the dishwasher and freezer.

  • Pretty much any Chuckit! product is a good choice. We’ve had the Max Glow Ball, which is perfect for nighttime fetch, the frisbee, and bumper retrieving stick.

For the Fashionable Dog

  • Plaid and Petunia (use SAHARA10 for 10% off) has a great winter line full of seasonal appropriate wear for your dog (and even yourself)! If you get a flannel bandana I highly recommend the hand embroidery personalization add on! They always have a multitude of collars to choose from that match with the bandanas so well! Be sure to check out the rope leash with interchangeable handles to match different outfits!

Canine Collectables holiday tags Canine Collectables holiday tags

  • Canine Collectables (use SAHARA10 for 10% off) has put together some boxes for the holidays that include a bandana, tag, leash, and shipping for less than $42+10 % off when you use SAHARA10 (price varies on bandana size and leash length), did I mention they are super cute?! If the whole package isn’t for you, order some seasonal tags with adorable charms for your furry friend.

For the Homely Dog

  • Stockings are a must for any Christmas loving pup! Make sure to stuff them full of something yummy!

  • Treat jars are a super fun way to store your pup’s treats to keep them fresh.

  • Beds and blankets are perfect for cuddling up under the tree and then all year long. No matter the season or the weather its nice to be comfy.

  • Raised food and water bowls help with digestion and comfort when eating and these raised stations are generally much prettier than bowls sitting on the floor!

For the On-The-Go Dog

  • Having a dedicated water bottle for your dog is a necessity out on the trails or on any adventure.

Perfect Gifts for any Dog- Ruffwear pack

  • This Ruffwear pack was going to be on Sahara’s Christmas list until I splurged and bought it early so she could carry her own water on our fall hikes. I recommend having a pack if you need extra water or you’ll be out overnight. Besides for carrying water, we use it to mitigate Sahara’s pulling because the extra weight slows her down.

  • Ruffwear also has this harness that fits underneath the pack so when it’s time for a break you can still have them on lead with a harness and the pack can come off.

  • First aid kits are essential in case of emergencies better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. You know what they say, prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

Perfect Dog Gifts

  • Rock climbing rope leashes are my favorite for down and dirty adventures, my go-to is from DeltaPawsUSA, you can get your own with discount code SAHARATHEDOG.

  • Quick dry towels are much needed for adventuring dogs! An absorbent towel that also dries out fast is super convenient for dirty, muddy, water loving dogs.

Which gift is going on your dog’s wishlist?

17 thoughts on “Ultimate Gift Guide- Dog Gifts They’ll Love To Bark About

  1. This is a great list! We have that Ruffwear pack and a harness from them that we love too. I need to get one of those quick dry towels for the pups. What a good idea!

  2. I love these gift ideas! I don’t have a dog (yet – wahhh) but my dad has two and every year buys them little doggy treat stockings – it’s actually adorable!

  3. Love the adventure dog section. Ruffwear and Hurtta are making a couple appearances on my own wish list this year. Also, I didn’t realize how many “brain game” dog toys were available on Amazon. Can’t wait to add a few more to the household for some additional enrichment options.

    1. I’ll have to check out Hurtta, I’ve been a Ruffwear fan since I bought their booties and then the Approach pack and I’m trying to narrow down what is going to be next! Yes brain games and puzzles are really popular right now! Seems like they are all the rage on Instagram too, I’m always trying to figure out how to get Sahara to slow down when she’s eating and work a little harder for her food!

    1. I think puzzles and any sort of brain stimulating toy type things are really popular right now, which is great they need a body and brain workout!

    1. There’s some brain games which I don’t see why cats couldn’t play with. Have you ever tried them with your girls?

  4. My daughter just adopted her first dog, so I am really excited to have another reason to buy dog gifts. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    1. Oh my gosh yes!! My parents (Sahara’s grandparents) might not have been thrilled that I got a dog for a short time and then saw her and instantly turned into grandparents and started spoiling her like crazy. I imagine the same thing happening to you! Merry (early) Christmas!

  5. These are great gifts for the 4 legged members of the family. I have 2 cats and this year I am thinking of getting them new beds for Christmas as they almost broke their old ones.

    1. Oh no silly cats! I don’t think anybody will turn down a new bed, I’m sure they’ll love it!

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