Howl-o-ween Must Haves

Howl-o-ween Is Among us! Whether you’re staying in and letting your pup pass out the candy or you’re going out trick or treating, this is a list of some Howl-o-ween must haves! Don’t wait too long, you’ll want to get some of these items before its too late, that would be scary!

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Costumes are a must for Howl-o-ween! Here’s my favorite places to shop:

Target- has never disappointed me when it comes to dog outfits, and this year it’s where Sahara’s Howl-o-ween costume is from. I wish I could tell you what she’s going to be, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise!

Amazon– is a great place to find last minute deals and steals and practically any costume you could think of– being a popular online pet retailer, has a wide selection of costumes for your furry friends! Franky of @FrankyandBrassie got his costume from

Ewok Franklin (@franklinlecockapoo on Instagram) loves all things Star Wars, his Halloween costumes always prove that!
Ewok Franklin (@frankyandbrassie) loves all things Star Wars, his Howl-o-ween costumes always prove that!

Do It Yourself- The best, most creative costumes are the ones you make yourself! You can make individual pieces, like this doggie tutu I made for Sahara, or go all out and make the whole thing! My favorite ones are matching Mommy and Me and group costumes that your pup can partake in too!

Howl-o-ween Must Haves @sirdextergsd
Since adopting Dexter (@sirdextergsd), Sam has made her family matching costumes every year. From Chewy and Hans Solo, to the characters of Back to the Future, you have to admire that creativity!



Shepsky and Co– has the cutest glow in the dark bandanas with different phrases perfect for any Howl-O-Weenie (you can use SAHARASC to get 20% off at checkout)!

ShepskyandCo-Halloween 2017   ShepskyandCo-Halloween 2017

  ShepskyandCo -Halloween 2017 ShepskyandCo-Halloweenie 2017

Anomaly Collar Club– there are too many Howl-o-ween collars to choose from here so good luck with making the choice but don’t worry just use SAHARATEN to get 10% off your total and you might feel a little less guilty about binge shopping here.

High Point Hounds– I saw this zombie hunter bandana on my bud @Lincolntrollin and knew it had to be added to the must have list. If zombie hunting isn’t your thing don’t worry they have pumpkins, skulls, and everything nice.
Howl-o-ween @lincolntrollin

Amazon– still waiting until the last minute? Get your 2 day Prime shipping on Halloween Collars from Amazon.



Homemade Frosty Paws- Candy Corn Frozen Dog Treats are a perfect treat for Halloween, and only take minutes to make then freeze until its time to party.Candy Corn Frosty Paws- coconut oil, pumpkin, bananas

Amazon also has these Fruitables Pumpkin Spice treats and while we haven’t tried this flavor yet, the jerky ones keep Sahara coming back for more, how could you go wrong with pumpkin flavor?!

Keep your pup entertained all night with these ZippyPaws Halloween themed toys. We’ve had  ZippyPaws toys without stuffing and are impressed with how long they last with my little power chewer. She has learned how to squeak them now so that’s how she plays now instead of taking out their innards.

What is your pup going as for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

31 thoughts on “Howl-o-ween Must Haves

    1. I love it when dogs wear the pumpkin costumes, it instantly makes me think “you are the cutest pumpkin in the patch” every time! I need that Devil Dog shirt, I call Sahara that all the time!!!

  1. I like your Bandanas and Collars. I think my dog will like this, but I need to choose small size because it is tiny.

    1. The bandana and collar shops that I have included do a wide range of sizes, you should be able to click the name or picture of the collar or bandana and it will take you to their website so you can look around and see what sizes are available!

  2. I’m no fun, I’ve pretty much decided to skip Halloween this year. We don’t usually get any trick or treaters anyways, so no one’s loosing out there. I usually dress the dogs up but I didn’t bother getting them costumes this year. I’m sure they won’t mind, especially since I made them a big batch of homemade treats the other day.

  3. My dog Soldier will be a sushi roll this year, complete with seaweed wrap and a dollop of wasabi on top.

  4. Love all these Halloween costume suggestions! I’m having a hard time deciding what outfit my pug is going to wear this year but you’ve given me some ideas now.

  5. Love those frozen dog treats! And those costumes are adorable! We only have a small viking hat for babu since he does not like to be dressed up.

  6. These are great suggestions for dog costumes! My dog hates any costumes as well as coats, boots, and hats. She looks at us like we are crazy and refuses to move one step! It is actually pretty funny!

  7. I have a three year old grandson, so that is enough critter to take out on the actual day. I appreciated all the resources. (yaydog Clare)

  8. Layla does not wear a costume, have tried and given up with it for her BUT I do love seeing all the dogs dressed up, Pumpkin treats she has so she is covered phew. Have a wonderful Halloween

  9. So annoying but I got the flu so we did not get to attend all the charity Halloween Parties we could have. Kilo dodged a bullet as he does not like other dogs or costumes that much. He did a few photos as a pumpkin and a shark thanks to lost of treats. he loves pumpkin treats or any treats.

  10. Happy Howl-O-Ween! I love to see dogs who are happy in their costumes, but mine are more low key. I might need to get them some Halloween bandanas!

  11. The month went by so fast for me, I was a bit negligent with the pups! They have cute costumes from prior years so I’ll have to press those into service. Next year I’ll start early, I didn’t realize Amazon had so many great pet costumes!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. You make your dog costumes?! Ahh that’s so much fun! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the pup costumes this year!

  12. Great product tips! I love a good holiday collar, although it’s driving my husband nuts…we have a million holiday collars ????

    1. In my opinion, you should definitely go for another holiday collar!! What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him ????????

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