Sahara Has To Have Surgery: Dog Ear Hematoma- Part Two

After her surgery for her ear hematoma we get in the car to go home and Sahara‘s sitting in the back seat and oh my gosh does she look high out of her mind. I call her name and she keeps looking out the window or straight ahead. She finally looks at me and it’s like she’s looking past me. Her eyes are filling up with gross goopy eye boogies that need keep coming back. I notice that they shaved her ear and tears sting my eyes again. At least that hair will grow back, that will at least return to normal, even though nothing else will.

Dog Ear Hematoma

We make it home

And I walk her around to go potty because I think the last time she went was when they gave her that shot in the butt. I lead her to the stairs where we both kind of look at them and then look at each other. She’s not budging. I pick her up and as gracefully as you can throw a 60 pound dog over your shoulder, heave her up over my shoulder and lug her up the stairs.

Channeling her inner Taylor Swift all she wants to do is shake it off, shake it off!

The bandage on her ear that is. With or without the cone on all she wants to do is shake. She stayed awake for the next 6 hours, which means she’s demanding constant attention and monitoring. If I don’t have some part of my body touching her she’s shaking her head and throwing a fit. How on earth am I going to get anything done?! I really should have cleaned the house while she was in surgery!


The whole evening and every day since is filled with her running into walls, couches, door frames, and stairs. It’s kind of funny to watch. That is, until you realize she’s frustrated, discouraged, and visibly upset about not being able to do it by herself. So then I have to build her confidence back up and encourage her to keep trying. I could do it all for her but then how is she going to learn to overcome obstacles? I would rather build her up so she can feel good about being able to do it herself even though she had to tackle obstacles to do it!!

Dog Ear Hematoma

Finally, 11 o clock comes and she lays down in her bed and actually falls asleep. I’m in the clear! Until I try to go to sleep a little after 1am and when she decides to get back up again and not go back to sleep. So I get her to sit down with me in her bed and rub her head until she falls back asleep. This is the when I realized that there is no difference between pet parents and a parents to human. Yeah I’ve thought it before but again after her having to have surgery everything feels different.

“There is no difference between pet parents and a parent to humans”

Everything a parent to a human does for their child, I do too. Yeah they might not think so, but it’s true. I wipe her butt. I feed her, clean up her drool, and wipe other miscellaneous food off her face and bathe her. There’s times when I have to hold her until she falls asleep. I tuck her in at night. I get kicked in the face because she wants to sleep upside down in the bed. She goes everywhere with me. And just like all those parents to humans, I wouldn’t change it all for the world.

Post-Op: Day 2

Today was much different than surgery day. We woke up, did our morning routine, added in taking her antibiotics and a CBD pill, and sat on the couch where she stayed until the afternoon. I sat on the floor so she can still see me if she woke up.

Dog Ear Hematoma

She opened her eyes a few different times but for the most part slept the day away and didn’t even want to get up to go outside. By the time everybody got home from work, she still hadn’t moved or been outside. She did finally get up and accidentally walk her cone right into the wall and scared herself so much she peed. She did this once the night before too, who knew cones were so scary?

So now that she woke herself up by walking into walls she was ready to go out and do her business and then the night carried on like usual. She went to bed at a reasonable time and only woke up a few times for a good head shaking. I’d cover her back up and hold her head until she falls back to sleep then go back to sleep myself.

Post-Op: Day 3

Finally we’re seeing some progress! She’s more alert, less droopy, and less whiney than the first two days. She came with me to my check-up appointment after my wisdom teeth extraction and sat outside with my sister. Then we were able to get some fresh air and take a walk around the park. It was really nice to get out of the house especially when she’s been sleeping so much and usually has so much energy. After a 45 minute walk around the park and sniffing things she slept the car ride home. The house is so quiet since her surgery and her being on meds, but she finally spoke when she told my dad goodnight tonight! I’ve never been happier to hear her barking.



Post-Op: Day 4

Today, we had to go back to the vets for a bandage change. In order for that to go smoother I had to give Sahara some tranquilizers so she wasn’t as sassy about people touching her. I pop the pills to her about an hour and a half before the appointment, she takes a little nap, and it’s time to go.

I try to get her to stand up and she doesn’t budge, so I pick her up off the couch and put her on the floor. I’ve gotten way too used to this because she’s been having trouble navigating with the cone on. Then I go downstairs to put my stuff in the car and come back up to lead her down the stairs. Butttt the drugs are kicking in and she’s now wobbly and looking like a drunk. She would not pass the test if somebody made her walk a line. So instead, I carry her down and put her in the car. We get to the vets, I get her out of the car and all the sudden she can walk again! I’m convinced the little snot tricked me into carrying her down the stairs so she didn’t have to walk!

The nurses said she was good, but really she was crying and whining the whole time. They did say that next time she won’t be as good because she’ll know what’s going on from being through it once already. Welp… Good luck to them then!

The tranquilizers left her sleepy and jittery all day. While she’s standing or sitting up her legs are shaking, which means she has to be laying down. She still looks a little dazed and loopy but hopefully she’ll sober up soon!

These past few days have really bonded us together more than ever.

She really doesn’t want to leave my side and is constantly sitting on top of me. I don’t really mind though, I’m glad she chooses me. We have another bandage change next week until then we’ll lay off the drugs and try to get some more fresh air. Just when we get nice cool weather we’re stuck mostly inside!

47 thoughts on “Sahara Has To Have Surgery: Dog Ear Hematoma- Part Two

    1. Oh my god how did I forget the part about dogs being way cuter!! That and dogs usually throw up on the floor not on you so that’s two reasons why dogs are ultimately better *cough, cough* ways dogs and kids are different!

  1. She is so adorable, I hope she feels better soon. Fur babies are always precious and indeed a second child.

  2. Awe poor girl. She does look pretty cute. Taking care of pets can be just like taking care of children. I hope your next bandage change goes well.

  3. Hope for a speedy recovery for her so she can be up and running again. Such a lucky pooch to have you with her during this time.

  4. I don’t have a dog anymore, but we sure did love him like crazy! Dog’s always become a part of the family. Hope she starts feeling better soon!

  5. Bless her! I cannot imagine how scary this was for you both! You can tell how much better she feels as your photos unfolded.

  6. Awww. So sorry your dog is going through this. I mean in all honesty, who enjoys being sick? I dread it. Hope he gets better soon.

  7. Sahara is a cutie and I wish her a speedy recovery! I have a Corgi and I just adore her. She is definitely part of our family and we would be lost without her.

  8. I have been sending lots of good vibes your way since I read your last post. I hope that sweet pup is fully recovered soon!

    1. AWW thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to me!! It’s been working!! She is doing much better and the vet said she is healing well! We’ll do another update soon!

    1. Aww thank you! She’s so ready to ditch this accessory and go back to her classic bandana accessories she liked before lol! I can’t for her to stop running into walls with the cone on, I think I’m going to have to repaint!

    1. She’s doing much better than last week that’s for sure! The vet says things are healing well so there will be another update soon!

    1. Thank you Ashley! She is doing better now only a little over a week left before hopefully, the stitches come out!

    1. Aw thank you so much! I feel so much worse now because she wasn’t in pain before but she is now, so I have to keep convincing myself I did the right thing. Thank you for your kind wishes!

  9. Awww, so sorry your pup (AND you!) have had to go through this! I hope she has a quick recovery and heals properly, and returns to her more normal state. Our fur babies are absolutely like family members (we have 3 dogs and 8 cats, at the moment) – and I have 4 adult kids and 4 granddaughters – it’s just as difficult to see fur babies go through something like this as it is to see our human family members go through similar things.

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