Sahara Has To Have Surgery: Dog Ear Hematoma- Part Three

It’s been two weeks since Sahara’s ear hematoma surgery and she’s on the mend! If you haven’t read about her ear hematoma then you can read about her surgery here and the beginning of her recovery here! Depending on how her visit to the vet goes later this week she might be getting the stitches from her ear hematoma surgery taken out next week.

Since the last update, she has been back to the vet for a checkup. The vet decided to leave the bandage off because her ear was getting really irritated and red so they wanted to let it air out and heal without the bandage.

Let me tell y’all, her ear smells so bad!! There was a slight odor when the bandage was on but they took it off, cleaned her ear a little bit, and sent her back out to me. I’ve been choking every time I get a whiff of her since then. I need to work on my breath holding skills for sticking my head in her cone! I was able to give her a bath by putting a shower cap around her ears and taping it under her chin. That didn’t help much because it’s her ear giving off the foul smell so unless I hang an air freshener from her cone I just have to deal with it, but the rest of her body was clean so that’s something.

Dog or Unicorn? You decide!

Ear Hematoma

All of our friends joke that her bandage ear is like a sideways unicorn horn, they’ll all be sad to see her horn go. Right now I’m wishing she still had it to keep all the smells locked in!

Proud Mommy Moment

As you can tell from the above pictures, last week she was able to ditch the cone for a few outdoor activities but this week with the bandage off and nothing protecting her ear she has to keep it on. So we’ve been keeping activities to a minimum and catching up on our naps!

This whole cone thing is really frustrating for her because she keeps running into things. But I think that’s the part that makes her stronger. She is learning to overcome and adapt to be able to do things that she could do before but having trouble doing with the cone on.

This makes me really proud as a parent to know that if just some encouragement and a little help they can take on the world or you know get up in the bed by themselves, same difference! She’s learning that she can’t just run and jump and plow into things. She has to think ahead about how she’s going to turn around once she’s where she wants to be. To get in bed, she has to put her head up enough so that the cone doesn’t stop her and then put her front paws up, then launch herself up with the back legs. She’s getting up and down the stairs a lot better now too! For the first week, I had to hold her head up every step she took so she didn’t run straight into the stairs.

Sahara, tranqs, and behavioral issues

Every time we have to go back to the vet for them to check her ear, I have to give her a tranquilizer to calm her down. These days feel like a step in the wrong direction. She gets progressively better in between visits and then has to take the tranqs to go back to the vet and then it all goes downhill again. She has had a few accidents on the meds, where she’ll walk into a wall and then scare herself into peeing. Since the ear hematoma surgery, she’ll start barking, groaning, and growling because of noises she’s making up. She’s also been having a hard time doing simple commands.

This is the time where it could be so much easier to just let her get away with it because she’s sick, because she has a cone on, or because she’s on meds, but what would happen if all of that went away? She still wouldn’t listen because I haven’t been making her mind her manners. Lest we persevere. We do it anyway. Despite it being hard or taking longer, we still work at it. She still needs to be able to sit when asked, and not run out the door without permission, among other things. I think she might know that and is just trying to push my limits and see what she can get away with, but I don’t know for sure.

Overall she is doing well and this hasn’t brought her spirit hasn’t suffered.

She is still spunky and tries to play and roughhouse and I’m glad that she’s not still mopey all the time. The part I feel really bad about is that she wasn’t in pain before the surgery but she has been in some pain or at least discomfort since the surgery. I know I made the right choice but it’s hard to hear her squeal in pain because her ear hits something. It really isn’t something that could be been left because it could have popped at any given moment and I’ll be glad to know it can’t happen again, at least to this ear. We’ll keep you all updated!

P.S. We ended up going for a light walk around the park to get some energy out and she even tried out and loved the swing, scroll down for a chuckle!

39 thoughts on “Sahara Has To Have Surgery: Dog Ear Hematoma- Part Three

  1. Sahara is a stunner and glad to hear she’s recovering so well from her surgery. I know how stressful the whole process can be, and we always hope for a speedy return to “normal.”

  2. Aww, the pictures of her in her unicorn horn and cone are so cute! Glad to hear the surgery went well and she’s recovering, albeit skinkingly (not a word, I’m well aware lol) Hope she continues to heal and things go back to normal. It’s hard when they get nervous going to the vet and take steps backwards. Good for you for being patient and sticking with your routine and expectations. Maybe after all this is over, start taking her to the vet just to say hi sometimes? Make it a positive thing where she gets a treat and some attention when she’s not in pain and they aren’t poking at her. Good luck to you both! ❤

    1. Ohh that’s such a good suggestion Debbie! I will have to add that to our list of places to wander! We had just started working on being around people more often and the vet would be a great place to try to get some exposure at!

  3. I’m so glad her ear seems to be healing well. Did the vet give you any advice about cleaning the ear or what to do if the smell gets worse? I don’t have a very strong stomach when it comes to smells, so I’d probably be gagging while giving her a bath. I hope Sahara heals quickly!

  4. I hope she has a quick recovery and she doesn’t bump her ear too much in the meantime. I am not good with strong smells like that either. When my 5 year old broke his arm, I was expecting such a strong odor when they took the cast off at the doctor’s office.

  5. Poor nugget glad she’s on the mend! It’s not uncommon for dogs to suddenly get nervous about the vet after surgery, although not ideal I know. It sounds like the ear was infected if it smelled like that- hopefully not! LMK if you are interested because I do make and sell all natural products for dogs. Not including the link because I don’t want to be spammy, but I know I can help. Good luck!

  6. I am so glad her spirit has not suffered! OMG too cute with the unicorn ear! Have you heard of the doughnut like inflatable things that can be used instead of a cone? I have never used one but told my husband if we ever had to use a cone again we would do that instead. Poor baby I do hope she continues to get well FAST!

  7. Wow! Sahara is quite the trooper. Yes, it’s easy for our dogs to manipulate us when we feel sorry for them. Hang in there and I hope you are using a holistic ear solution to help her heal and eliminate the odor.

    1. Haha finally somebody who understands this manipulation!! I have an ear wash that should help it heal up well, it’s made with tea tree oil and aloe vera and a few other ingredients that I don’t remember off the top of my head!

  8. I love the unicorn ear! I’m surprised the ear smells so bad, since that seems like it could be an infection, but I’m sure your vet is on top of it. My dogs always hate wearing the cone of shame too.

    1. I realized it was probably the bandage and not getting any air that made it smell. Once it aired out for a few days the smell went away and the vets never said anything about it other than that it was healing well so they didn’t seem to be worried! She definitely puts on the shame face when she see’s new people with it on and makes them feel bad for her, can’t say it would be enjoyable for anybody though!

    1. They told me 21 days of stitches and I cried it seemed like it would never end once she actually had them in! But she’s getting them out tomorrow and will be that much closer to being healed, we all can’t wait, thank you!!

  9. There is just so much about this article that makes me smile! Thank you for including the struggles with visiting the vet and her testing her limits with manners. It’s so easy to only include the pretty parts of our life and hearing someone else share their emotional struggle, wanting to be consistent but also wanting to baby her, is inspiring. Even with something as small as a guest saying its ok if one of the dogs is jumping, sometimes i get tired of telling people that although they might be fine with a 55 lb dog jumping up on them I want to make sure if someone who is afraid of dogs or just doesnt have great balance comes into our home they don’t get trampled. I can only imagine how hard it is to try to stay consistent during the healing process but keep it up!

    1. Aw thank you so much for those sweet words!! I completely agree! When I first started writing I decided I was going to tell about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I thought that was just going to be poopy problems or something, little did I know something like this was going to happen. I just want people to know that dispite what they read online we all live real lives and sometimes it’s not easy. It’s so hard to be consistent period, so props to you for really pounding it in with the no jumping on people! I think its so important to try to be consistent all the time for so many reasons, but like you said it definitely helps with new people around or if you go on vaction and don’t want them thinking they can ditch their rules with their baby sitter haha!

  10. Aww, poor Sahara! She has a great spirit I see, she’ll get through this. That bandage must have been such a pain. I’m surprised her ear has an odor, did the Vet say that was normal? It’s usually a sign of ear infection. I hope she feels much better real soon!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. I’m pretty sure it was the bandage that was making it smell because after a few days it stopped smelling and it looked a lot cleaner, so I think it was just because it wasn’t getting any air or something, similar to when people have casts on and they smell. Thank you for the well wishes!!

  11. She is SO cute and I’m so glad she’s healing up! My sister dog (aka my niece) has eye surgery in the morning and it’s super risky – we are so nervous. I hope she does as well as Sahara!

  12. Aw, your dog is so sweet and looks so much better. It’s always heart breaking when their health suffers and being like a part of the family it’s really an emotional time. Wishing her a super speedy recovery.

  13. I love reading your stories about Sahara. She looks so happy and like nothing is wrong. Love her free-spirit attitude. Adorable pooch you have.

  14. Awww, Sahara is so cute. I’m so glad her surgery went well (and she is sporting that unicorn ear fabulously in those pictures). I love that despite all that she went through, she is still spunky and has the same adorable personality.

  15. Such a great recovery!! So happy for you and her!!! Hope you had a blessed thanksgiving!!


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