Super Easy DIY Doggie Tutu- Only 7 Items Needed!

Perfect for any occasion this DIY Doggie Tutu is perfect and super easy! #dogtutu #dogcostumes

Halloween is almost here and I bet you still need that one little addition to make your pup’s costume complete *cue tutorial for a super easy DIY Doggie Tutu*

But obviously they need one for all the other seasons of the year too!! You will not regret making 20 of these super easy DIY doggie tutus!

Let’s get started!

What you’ll need

7 item tutu-50Sahdesofsahara
Yes you read that right only 7 items are needed!
  • Tulle (These rolls are from Joann’s, you can also buy it off the bolt or in shorter rolls like these from Amazon), I used nearly everything from both of of these 5 year rolls
  • Elastic ribbon (the kind for making headbands, mine is also from Joann’s) I prefer this to elastic because it should be softer around your pups midsection and stretches more easily to keep them comfortable when they move around.
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Needle and coordinating thread or sewing machine (if you don’t have a needle and thread don’t worry, I’ve got a hack for you!!)
  • A piece of cardboard or part of a box (the is to make uniform strips of tulle in the same size)
  • A quality inspector… err…doggie!

    DIY Doggie Tutu-
    “So far so yummy, Ma” ~Sahara

How to do it

For the tulle

You’ll want to get a piece of cardboard as long as you want the skirt of the tutu and a wide as you want the strips. I wanted strips about 7.5 inches wide so I used a part of a box that was 15 inches wide and cut them on both edges and down the middle. Wrap the tulle over the width of your board. If you have a bigger dog you’ll need more tulle strips (more wraps around the board), if you have a smaller dog you will need fewer tulle strips (fewer wraps around the board). For the length you need to cut it 2 times the length you want. I wanted 13.5 inches long so I cut the length 27 inches long, this is for folding it and tying it onto the ribbon.

Cutting Tulle DIY Doggie Tutu-

Now its time to cut, in the third photo I cut along the orange arrows to get my strip width 7.5 inches. In the fourth photo I cut along the folded edge of the tulle which made my strips 27 inches long.

*Note: the final length the skirt will be significantly different depending on the height of your dog. For a dog Sahara’s size, I would recommend about 10 inches. For a bigger dog, like a lab or retriever, I would suggest trying something around 13-14 inches. A smaller dog like a Bichon or Shih Tzu something around 5-7 inches may work best. When in doubt make it longer you can always cut it shorter!

Now for the ribbon

First you’re going to to want to measure around your dogs waist (this is usually the smallest part of their midsection) with your measuring tape. Then you’re going to take that number and subtract a few inches. For reference, Sahara’s waist measurement was 23 inches and I cut the ribbon at 20 inches. If you’re more of a visual person I should look like this:

Ribbon Length DIY Doggie Tutu

See how the ends are barely touching? The reason for subtracting a few inches is because it will loosen up over time and stretch out so if it’s tighter to begin with it will still fit when it gets loose.

Now, I’m going to take a about another half an inch out of it by sewing the two ends together to make a circle. You can do this with a needle and thread or a sewing machine if you have it.

Sewing Ribbon DIY Doggie Tutu-
On a machine, sew back and forth a few times with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. By hand, you can either use a whip stitch and start at one end and sew around the edges through the ribbon and work your way through to the other side or start at one side and work you way up and down the ribbon using a running stitch or basically just a straight stitch.
Now I know I promised y’all a hack and here it is:

If you don’t have a needle and thread or you’re looking for a quick fix this one is for you! Take one of those pieces of tulle you cut earlier and loop string in through one of the holes in an end of the ribbon. Pull it about halfway through and then string the other side through a hole on the other side. Think of it like lacing up a shoe and weave the tulle back and forth through both sides working your way up the ribbing connecting the two ends together. Tie it off with knot at the end and you’re ready to start filling up that tutu!

The easiest but most time consuming part comes next!

Fold your strip in half length wise. Take the loop at the halfway point and stick it through one hole in the ribbon and back out of one right next to it on the same row. Now take the tails and pull them through the loop. Pull taut so it looks like a knot at the base of the ribbon. Here’s what that looks like:

Looping tulle DIY Doggie tutu-

Then you’re going to repeat this every few holes until your top row is full!

Adding more strips DIY Doggie Tutu- www.50

I used about 16 strips, alternating the black and orange, on 3 rows for a more full tutu. Again you may need more or less depending on the size of your dog.

3 rows DIY Doggie Tutu- Three rows DIY Doggie tutu- www.50
Netflix and Tutu? Turn the TV on something good and loop away! I put the ribbon over my knee to keep my place and visualize where to put the next one!

After you’ve finished your show, taken your dog for a potty break, ate some lunch, and looped some more tulle strips your tutu should look like this:

Finished project DIY Doggie tutu-
It’s huge and fluffy and just perfect!!

Time to show off your new DIY Doggie Tutu!!!

DIY Doggie tutu-
“Yes Ma it passes the test!! I’m a pretty Halloween Princess” ~ Sahara
DIY Doggie tutu-
“Boo, did I scare you??” ~Sahara
DIY Doggie tutu-

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18 thoughts on “Super Easy DIY Doggie Tutu- Only 7 Items Needed!

  1. I had to laugh as soon as I read the title. My daughter made a tutu for one of my dogs a few years back. When I put it on her she started going in circles chasing it – it was hilarious. I finally had to take it off her because she wouldn’t stop! By the way – I love that ribbon!

    1. Hahaha I can totally picture her chasing it! I bet you could get another few laughs if you break it back out again! Sahara did the same thing trying on my sister’s for her high school spirit week but then when I made one a more appropriate size for her she loved it and was begging for all the attention she could get in it!

    1. Thank you Lindsey! I’m so surprised that she’s so chill about wearing things, I figured she would want it off right away but nope she loved it and the attention that came with it! Sounds like you should get a dog you could dress up lol!!!

    1. Yes you do NEED to try this!! You will be so pleased once they put it on and look like a little puppy ballerina and run and dance around with it on!

  2. Wow! What a cute tip! It has been long since I actually stumbled upon a useful DIY, but this stole my mind! I love those fierce colors! I would love to try to attempt this at home one day with the kids.

    1. We aim to inspire Ann! This DIY is perfect for anybody, all you have to do is adjust the measurements and length and it could be for a hamster, a cat, dog, human baby, kids, adults, tutus for everybody!! Let me know how they turn out!!

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