How it all Began- Our Adoption Story

Do you ever find yourself leaving a pet adoption event with a new dog? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us!

We find ourselves wondering the aisles of endless dogs and puppies with foster parents telling us the story of the sad little pups in the crates looking for a home and everybody swarming over the adorable little puppies out for show in the pen for everybody to play with, then next thing you know we’re loading one of the sad little pups up in our car and they don’t look so sad anymore.

It’s a beautiful story really.

Our Story Begins Here

It was about almost 2 and a half years ago that I wandered up to my first pet adoption event. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing there. The apartment I lived in didn’t allow dogs, I didn’t have anything needed to take care of a dog, and I was going to college and working a part time job, bringing home a dog wasn’t exactly in the plan at the time. The plan was just to go and look at the dogs and get feel for the kind of dogs that are usually available for when I was ready to get one in a few months after I moved.

I was really hesitant when I got there and didn’t really know what to do with myself because I was there before the official start time and the other people that were there were either playing with the puppies or talking to foster parents and petting the dogs up for adoption walking around. There was only one dog in a crate at the time but the foster parent was close by he asked me if I wanted to see the dog he had been fostering and I said sure, because honestly who’s going to turn down playing with a dog! He took her out of the crate so I sat and played with her while she focused on everything but me, listening to him talk.

He was a student in graduate school, leaving in a few months to do Ebola research in Africa. His neighbors at his apartment had been fostering a dog from this shelter and had been told that two dogs were going to be euthanized if they were not fostered or adopted. In a panic the neighbors told him and he knew he couldn’t adopt because moving to Africa with a dog would not be feasible for him, so as a last ditch effort he decided to foster one of the dogs, if nothing else just to give them a little more time.

This dog, the one he’d been fostering for about a month, was a girl about 2-3 years old, a mutt, possibly a black mouth cur and pit bull mix. She had been adopted twice, but always brought back. The first time she was adopted, she was brought back the next day, the family didn’t want her around their children because she was aggressive. The second time she was adopted the family brought her back within 2 weeks because they just didn’t want her, they thought something was wrong with her. After that point he had been fostering her.


How could somebody bring her back the next day and not even give it time to work the issues out? How could you just get rid of a dog because you don’t want them anymore, you wanted them a few days ago? She sat in a cell all day for 8 months without anybody wanting to open their homes and hearts to this poor girl! Don’t even get me started on this list for euthanasia!

I could feel it inside me what I needed to do. After hearing all of that I decided that I was going to take her home. She deserved it. We didn’t have an instant connection, we weren’t in love with each other, maybe mutually confused by each other at the best.

She needed somewhere to go and I knew I couldn’t just leave her there.

So I didn’t.

I filled out the paperwork and got her a leash and a collar, professed my thanks to the shelter and foster dad for everything they’ve done for her, got our picture taken, and I loaded her up in the car and took her to my apartment.

Welcome Home Sahara!

How it all Began- Our Adoption Story


You’ve heard our story! What’s yours? Tell me in the comments!

19 thoughts on “How it all Began- Our Adoption Story

  1. Such a lovely story! We’ve never adopted a dog but we have adopted cats in the past. We’ve just got a French Bulldog pup and he’s melted our hearts. The difference he’s made to our family is incredible.

    1. Aw thank you very much! It sounds like you have a full house and a full heart now that you have some cats and a new little pup!!

  2. Great story! My last 2 dogs were rescue dogs and I’d never buy from a breeder again. Keep spreading the word. It’s so important to look out for these poor abandoned doggies.

  3. Aww such a cute story. I’m trying to persuade my mum to adopt a dog at the moment. I will get down to the RSPCA in the new year.

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