8 Best Tips For Surviving Puppy’s First Night

So you’ve read about Sahara’s first night home and what a massive disaster it was and want to avoid it? Well lucky for you I’ve compiled my 8 best tips for surviving puppy’s first night at home!

8 Best Tips For Surviving Puppy’s First Night

1. Scheduling pick up time

If at all possible try to schedule your puppy pick up at a time when you have ample time to introduce them to their new home and any family members without rushing it. With more time it’s easier to make your new addition feel at home and calm. If not they might feel trapped and alone trying to find a way out destroying anything that gets in their way.

2. Containment is key

Be sure to have a crate, play pen, or other area to contain your pup that they can’t get out of. That means a gate tall enough and strong enough for larger dogs if you’re leaving them in a more open area. Doors should be closed all the way and hard to open with paws, for example a door with a knob would be harder to open with paws than a door with a handle for those sneaky pups that could jump up, press down, and wiggle open doors. If you’re using a crate I suggest getting a crate large enough that your pup can stand up all the way and turn around in, no bigger or else that leaves them room to have an accident in their crate and be able to move away from it instead of holding it in until they are taken out to go potty.

3. Leave nothing in reach

Make sure there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) in the reach of your dog that they should not have. This goes for if you are right there or are leaving. New pups are the sneakiest little things, they think they can get away with everything, because they don’t know what behavior is and isn’t acceptable.

4. Toys toys toys!!

Have appropriate toys for them to play with! This falls in line with number 3, if your dog isn’t being stimulated it is likely that they will find themselves getting into trouble. My go-to durable toy is the Kong Extreme.

5. Find out what food they’re eating

Find out what kind of food your pup was eating before. Then try to start off with that one and weaning them onto a different type of food. This will help mitigate the possibility of an upset stomach from switching the food too abruptly.

6. Be Prepared for the Worst

Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst. This is a new time for both you and your new pup. It could be an easy transition or a bit harder, give it time for things to work themselves out. Make sure you have plenty of towels or paper towels to clean up possible accidents. Cleaning supplies are a must. Possibly most important make sure you’re well rested the night before so you’re not restless and easily frustrated.

7. Lay Down the Rules

Lay down the rules and help your dog follow them, no exceptions. If you don’t want them on the bed or the couch then don’t put them up there. Are certain rooms of the house off limits? Close the door or barricade that room so they learn where the boundaries are. If you want them to go potty in a certain place take them there and encourage them to do their business there.

8. Show them love

Give them lots of cuddles and kisses. Tell your new family member that you love them. You might have had a rough day but your new pup has had a ruff day too. Even if you don’t mean it yet you will soon enough, until then fake it until you make it!


8 Best Tips for Surviving Puppy's First Night

Have any tips for surviving puppy’s first night to give to other readers? Please share them below!

13 thoughts on “8 Best Tips For Surviving Puppy’s First Night

    1. Aw thank you so much Denise, I hope that somebody else will find this information to save them from my somewhat hilarious struggles that night! Thanks for sharing!

  1. I’m planning on getting a puppy in the next few months and this post is super helpful! I was thinking of buying the crate/pen much afterwards, but I’ve reconsidered. Thanks for the info.

    1. I’m so glad I caught you before you got your new puppy and that you’ve reconsidered I really think having it before will save you some heartache!!

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