18 Promises I Make My Dog Everyday

As we ring in the new year and everybody vows to make and follow new resolutions, I’ve decided to do something different. I don’t really believe in resolutions because I don’t follow through with them and there’s nothing really encouraging me to follow through, and I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there just like me. So instead I’ve written down a list of 18 promises I make my dog.

These are promises that I’ve made to her in the past, promises that I make to her every day and promises I will follow through on for the rest of my life. There are things that I’ve learned since having Sahara and things that I would have done differently so the only solution is to promise to do better today and every day in the future.

Promises I make my dog

  1. I will never leave you
  2. I promise to never (purposely) hurt you, seriously I don’t step on your tail on purpose
  3. I promise to always make you a priority
  4. I promise to “accidently” drop my food for you
  5. I promise that no matter what you will always have a spot in my bed
  6. I promise to let you destroy toys every once in a while so you can teach those toys who’s boss.
  7. I also promise to “let” you win a round of tug of war every now and then
  8. I promise the adventures will never end, whether it’s a hike or a trip to Home Depot or just a drive around the block, my passenger seat has your name on it.
  9. I promise to let you be better dressed than me and to never let you leave the house in a bad outfit
  10. I promise to make sure you’re happy and feel loved (aka smothered)
  11. I promise to talk to you and let you talk back
  12. I promise there will be no end to the forced hugs and cuddles
  13. I promise to try to surprise kiss you as much as you surprise kiss me
  14. I promise to let you lead more
  15. I promise to use you as an excuse to get out of unwanted social engagements
  16. I promise to play peek a boo with you even if you don’t know we are playing
  17. I promise to laugh with you and cry with you
  18. I promise I will love you forever

18 promises I make my dog everyday

77 thoughts on “18 Promises I Make My Dog Everyday

  1. Aw the love that you have for your dog shines through your words and your promises. I love that you promise to never leave your dog and always make them your priority. You know the promise that I loved the most however? That you would always accidentally drop food, I thought that was so sweet!

    1. Aw that makes me smile!! It’s funny, my family will do it and try to get away with it by coughing or sneezing or making other erratic movements and noises to keep from getting caught by me, I seem to think its only okay to drop her food if I’m the one dropping it😂

    1. You can also start making promises to yourself too, with a set of new goals and promises you’ll be a whole new person pretty soon!

    1. Aw thank you so much!! You say she’s the lucky, but I think I’m the lucky one to have her!

  2. This is too cute! I don’t have a dog, just two cats. They would like if I resolved to give them more treats, I’m sure.

  3. I love this. It was so heartfelt and moving. I could easily address this too my kids changing a few lines of course. My favorite was the surprise kisses!

  4. aww this was such an adorable post. Dogs are so great and surely, some times, we don’t deserve them. Your dog can count on you for sure! happy new year!

  5. Awwwww! I love these promises! A relationship with a pet (and Im partial to dogs…just saying!) is such a blessing, and so special! Ive had my dog for 12 years, but Im going to make a few of these promises to him starting for 2018…and ongoing!

  6. This is so sweet. Our dog is getting older and he means so much to our family. But it is never to late to make a few of these promises.

  7. This is very sweet (and very important). Your dog needs you and I am sure she appreciates your love and commitment. Thanks for sharing a unique perspective on resolutions!

  8. I learned the hard way to promise my dog to be in the moment with him when we’re outside walking. Sometimes we get so stressed at work, and carry our energy home with us. I lost one of my dogs to renal failure (happened suddenly) during this type of time frame and I wish I had that time back to do it all over again. Your pup is so lucky and blessed – and so are you! Great post and thank you for sharing (we’ll share with our readers).

  9. These are great promises to make any pet, and most of them will be very easy to keep. I would add, ‘I promise to know when it’s time to let you go.’ That’s a much harder promise to keep, but perhaps the most important.

  10. This is super cute, and ridiculously sweet! These are the kinds of promises we should all make when we adopt our dogs. Though maybe my husband needs to stop dropping so much of his food on purpose before mine get fat… LOL. Love it, thanks for sharing

  11. All of these promises promise to continually build your relationship with your Sahara! Love them all, especially how you too opt to spend time with your dog rather than awkward social gatherings.

  12. My daughters repeat number 18 to our dog Zues daily. I am so in love with this dog and although he is only a puppy and been in our lives for a few months, I can’t imagine him not been around.

  13. This post is just so sweet and spot on! I promise almost all of them to our cats. My senior cat is almost 17, is blind and has kidney disease and I constantly tell him “I promise to let you go when it’s time to grow your wings”. I like number 15 🙂

  14. Haha, these are really cute and sweet resolutions! I especially liked this one –> I promise to “accidently” drop my food for you 😀 haha this made me laugh so much. I am sure your cute doggie will be in 7th heaven!

  15. Your dog is so beautiful! I wish more people made promises to their dogs, and actually KEPT them. Thank you for being an awesome human being!

  16. Awww this is too sweet! I’m sure your dog will appreciate all of your promises…a dog’s love is unwavering!

  17. Ahhhhh, what beautiful promises. We have four fur babies and four purr babies and I’ll be making the same promises to them as soon as I get home from work. They’re just the best

  18. Ergh I can relate to this so much! My god just turn one year old, he is still a baby and honestly I can’t imagine my life without him…. Sometimes I feel so guilty for not paying enough attention to him..I try to play with him everyday – I just want to make him happy 🙂

  19. This is so amazingly cute. I love the idea of penning down the promises. Every promise is so full of love, Sahara is so lucky to have you.

  20. This was such a cute post! I think we all love our pets so much and these promises we all keep, but never actually tell or write them down 🙂 Pets are fabulous friends! 🙂

  21. Such a cute post! Great reminders. Our doggy has kind of taken a back seat once our girls arrived, we definitely need to continue to remember to include him more!

  22. This is the SWEETEST thing ever!! I do the same with my dog Maggie everyday; I can’t imagine my world without her. <3

  23. These are some sweet promises. My husband wants to get our son a dog but I just can’t handle taking care a dog. I know I would get so attached and wear myself out trying to take care of the dog and my humans. 😉

  24. I love your post! What more could a dog ask for?! I’m a cat owner (though I love dogs, too) and I will definitely make some of these promises to my fur babies🐱

  25. I need to give my fur baby some big hugs, thank you so much for this list.. I will put every single one into effect.

  26. You’ve got a beautiful pup! We don’t have a dog, but I always had a dog growing up, so I can totally understand the love you have for yours!

  27. I love this so much! My dog was diagnosed with cancer back in November. He wasn’t expected to make it to the end of the year, so I spent my two week break off work with him. I spent Christmas and New Years with him. He’s currently laying next to me as I write this and has been responding well to his meds. 🙂

    1. Aw I’m so so glad to read that Samantha! You must feel so blessed to still be able to sit beside him and spend more time with him, I’m sure he feels just as lucky! Please keep me updated on him, much love to you both ❤️

  28. Those promises that you made are too cute! Honestly, I got jealous. I think I need to make promises for my dog too to give back for his loyal love to us.

    1. That was my line of thinking too! My dog so much for me, it’s time for me to make sure she feels appreciated! I do hope that you decide to make some promises to your dog as well!

  29. Ahh Karlee, this is such a cute light-hearted post. I don’t have a dog, though I wish I did and found this so lovely. You’re clearly a very caring and loving Mum to Sahara.

  30. Awww this makes me miss my dog. He’s back in the United States with my dad. Dogs really are the best and a great excuse for getting out of social engagements.

  31. So Sweet. Dogs truly are fur babies. I adore my dog. This made me smile. Sahara is lucky to have such a thoughtful and caring owner. Just as you are lucky to have Sahara.

  32. I love dogs but I’m not allowed to have them as I have a sensitive nose… I sneeze all the time after being with furry pets. It’s touching and I’m holding to the promises you’ve made to your dog!

  33. Right now Hennessy is our only baby and reading this got me teary-eyed. These are all wonderful promises to make our loved pooches.

    1. It got me teary eyed writing it, even though she can’t read, I know if I write it down I will remember them better and can look back on them to make sure I keep my promises!

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